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We have been impressed with their patient and loving attitude towards the residents.
Robert D (Son of Resident)

Entertainment and Activities

Current research shows that many age related problems can be avoided or delayed with the use of entertainment and exercise which stimulates the mind, body and spirit. Each resident will be given the choice to take part in our various organised, daily or twice daily events. We have a dedicated ‘activity supervisor’ who will encourage residence to take part in a gentle exercise regime designed especially for mature movers, 2 mornings a week, plus a different activity every afternoon.

Visitors are welcome to take part at whatever the cost price. In order for friends and relatives to be able to plan their visits and to know and understand the day to day running of Merryfields a news letter will be sent monthly, outlining the timing of all forthcoming events. Visitors are encouraged to take part. All in house activities are listed on separate page.


To follow is a list of the main organised activities that can be enjoyed on a daily basis. From time to time visitors may be asked to donate simple items such as the cardboard insets of toilet rolls, old Christmas cards and various other bits and pieces. All activities are arranged by our ‘Activities Organiser’. Every effort will be made to encourage residents to take part and to come up with their own ideas. Please take time to read the following list. 

Scrap Booking

We encourage visitors to bring in photos of friends and family and places that are familiar to residence. Together with dates of birthdays, anniversaries and so on. We in turn will encourage the making of cards and presents for all occasions, putting photographs of them in the book, along with pictures, programmes or anything collected during the week’s activities. Each week the resident will be encouraged to fill the book with everything they have achieved the week before. Hence forming a diary of events to help promote memory.


Unfortunately the Health and Safety Executive will not allow residence access to the kitchen but residence can make things like cakes, biscuits and pizzas in the dining room and the staff will cook them. The produce will then either be eaten by the resident or given as a present to friends and relatives.


When the weather allows, residence will be encouraged to grow their choice of plants and vegetables in their own garden area. Associated activities such as seed germination, decorating pots, arranging flowers for their room will add to the enjoyment of the garden. Friend and relatives are invited to supply resident’s favourite plants in addition to those the home supply.


This activity will cover most forms of art from colouring in, painting by numbers to freehand in all mediums. We will also cover painting glass, ceramics, silk and terracotta.

Card Making

This craft will take up a session a week. Cards for all occasions will be made and saved until they are sent to relatives at the appropriate time. We will sometimes ask, in our News Letter, for relatives to bring in old cards for us to recycle


Residence will be encouraged to continue with any needle crafts that they have participated in the past or maybe learn a new one such as knitting, cross stitch and embroidery or even dress making. Don’t forget that most top fashion designers and chefs are men so there is no reason why the male residence can’t give this a go!


Our ‘activity organiser’ has taught up to 30 different crafts for a large craft supplier. This is a list too big to include. But crafts go from paper making, mosaics, salt dough, stone painting, jewellery making and stencilling and much much more.

Additional Entertainment.

We encourage further suggestions from our residents. Monthly meetings will be arranged to accommodate this and relatives will be encouraged to join in.

  • Church services in house or at church
  • There will be a film club once a week.
  • Visits from the W.I.
  • Games.
  • Visits to the theatre and outings.
  • Entertainers.
  • Hairdressing, manicures, chiropody and mobility sessions can be organised in our designated therapy room at a separate cost to the resident.
  •  Also outside dentist or opticians appointments can be made.

Mobility Coaching

We will be having Mobility Coaching for the elderly 2 mornings a week. Mobility coaching is about improving strength, mobility, balance, co-ordination and stamina to those becoming less mobile and able. These sessions will be taken by a Registered Osteomyologist and Mobility Coach.

  • Private treatments can also be arranged, by him, for spinal realignment, mobilisation, manipulation and massage for relief from arthritis, spondylosis, back pain, trapped nerves, frozen shoulder, sciatica, poor circulation, slipped discs, stiff neck and shoulder pain. These private treatments can take place in our theory room or at his private practise.

Care Plans  

Each resident has an individualised and personal care plan. This is reviewed monthly to ensure that all their needs are met. The resident will always be present at the meeting and relatives are encouraged to attend a review at least every six months. Any changes to the plan are made with the agreement of all parties.

Consultation with Service Users

Regular meetings will be arranged where service users will be able to air their views about running the home. The meetings will be recorded.

Fire and Emergency Procedures

The home has an up to date fire detection system which complies with all current regulations and is checked regularly. All our staff is instructed in fire and safety procedures and regular fire drills are organised.

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